Awards and Prizes

皇冠最新网址hg0088The College may award undergraduate scholarships and exhibitions to those who perform very well in University examinations and/or College work and examinations. These awards are made to reward academic excellence and to encourage students to work at the highest level. Students do not apply for awards or prizes, but are nominated by their tutors.

皇冠最新网址hg0088The College also administers a number of competitions during the year. Students can enter competitions without being nominated by tutors.

Competitions for non-College Members

The Julia Wood Prize

The Principal and Fellows of St Hugh’s College offer the Prize, worth up to £500, for the best historical essay submitted by a pupil who, at the closing date, has been in the Sixth Form of any school or college for a period of not more than two years. The winning essay is published on the College’s website.

The Julia Wood Prize essay was published in History Today皇冠最新网址hg0088 magazine, from 1994 until the last issue was published. Members of Oxford University now have e-access to the entire magazine, covering the first issue of 1951 to current content (through SOLO).

皇冠最新网址hg0088Please direct any enquiries to

The Mary Renault Essay Prize

The Principal and Fellows of St Hugh’s College offer two or more prizes, worth up to £300
each, for essays on classical reception or influence submitted by pupils who, at the closing date,
皇冠最新网址hg0088have been in the Sixth Form of any school or college for a period of not more than two years.

At least one prize will be awarded a pupil who is not studying either Latin or Greek to Alevel

Essay Requirements:

– Essays can be from any discipline and should be on a topic relating to the reception of
classical antiquity – including Greek and Roman literature, history, political thought,
philosophy, and material remains – in any period to the present; essays on reception
within classical antiquity (for instance, receptions of literary or artistic works or of
mythical or historical figures) are permitted.

– Essays should be between two-thousand and four-thousand words.

– Essays should be submitted, together with the Mary Renault Prize Cover Sheet, using
the upload form on the College website.

Please direct any enquiries to

The Colin Matthew Fund Travel Awards

The Colin Matthew Fund, though associated with the College (Colin Matthew was a Tutor in History at St Hugh’s College), is a University-wide travel grant. More details are available here.

Undergraduate Academic Awards

The Hurry Prize

£400 award to the most distinguished finalist. Recommendations are considered by the Hurry Prize Committee, which meets in Michaelmas Term.

The Alison Sheppard Prize for Mathematics

£350 award for the third-year mathematician with the highest first class mark. The prize will be open to all joint schools; the prize will be assessed only on the students’ mathematical achievements, including Statistics, but not Computer Science or Philosophy.

The Elizabeth Francis Prize

£50 award to a student of French who has shown marked improvement over the second year.

The Hilary Haworth Prize

£100 to a student in the second or penultimate year of a Mathematics or Science degree.

The Mary Lunt Prize in Practical Biochemistry

£100 award. Awarded to the Biochemistry finalist with the best Part II Project mark.

The John Morris Medical Award

£300 award for the top performance in preclinical finals.

The Jonathan Boulter Memorial Award

£300 for the top performance at first BM.

The Jones Award

£400 for the top performance in clinical finals.

The Lois Vernon Prizes

皇冠最新网址hg0088Part 1A is a £150 award for the best performing St Hugh’s chemist in the second year examination (with the stipulation that it must be a first class ranking equivalent).

皇冠最新网址hg0088Practical work is a £150 award for the chemist scoring the highest practical mark after part 1B.

Final Honour School Prizes

All undergraduates awarded a first for the Final Honour School receive a prize of £50 form the College; some of these prizes are associated with a named donor.

Book Prizes

皇冠最新网址hg0088Tutors may nominate a student for book prizes of £50 for truly excellent performance in College Collections or vacation essays, etc. Recommendations are considered by Education Committee.


Scholarships are automatically awarded to students who have obtained a first or distinction in the First Public Examination or in intermediate (Part I Final, etc.) examinations. Scholarships are worth £200 with several nights free vacation residence annually, and are granted form the start of the academic year following the examination.


Recommendations for exhibitions (worth £150 with several nights free vacation residence annually) may be made by subject tutors in the cases of candidates who, following a year of strong academic performance, were ‘near-miss’ for first or distinction in either First Public or intermediate examinations, or who obtained a University Prize in a single paper in such examinations. recommendations are considered by Education Committee.


The Avril Gilchrist Bruten Award for Creative Writing

A £250 prize. Categories of writing included in the scope of the award include: poetry; short prose fiction; drama; memoir and life writing; travel writing. Entries, of not more than 6,000 words, should be submitted to the College Office by 5th week of Hilary Term.

The Edith McMorran Verse Translation Prize

Two prizes of £100 and £50. Entries should be between 12 and 60 lines in length, and will be translations into English of verse writing in French, German, Italian, or Spanish. Submissions should be made to the appropriate Modern Languages Fellow by 0th week of Hilary Term.

The Joseph and Nancy Burton Prize (Undergraduate Only)

皇冠最新网址hg0088A £250 prize awarded on the basis of an essay, no longer than 10,000 words, submitted by any undergraduate of St Hugh’s College in a topic in Philosophy, Politics, or Economics. Essays should be submitted to the appropriate Tutorial Fellow by 2nd week of Trinity Term.

Essays on a topic in Philosophy should be submitted to Professor Adrian Moore, those on a topic in Politics to Professor David Doyle, and those on a topic in Economics to Dr Sanjay Jain皇冠最新网址hg0088.  Enquiries can be addressed to any of these Tutors.

The Anna Haxworth Prize

皇冠最新网址hg0088This £60 prize is awarded for a musical performance of between 10 and 15 minutes on any instrument or voice (excepting the organ) by any first year undergraduate in any subject, providing, if need be, their own accompanist. The competition is usually held in Trinity Term and the winner invited to give a recital shortly afterwards.

The Gladstone Memorial Trust Travel Awards

皇冠最新网址hg0088The Gladstone Memorial Trust Travel Awards are intended to give students in their first or second undergraduate year (or third year of a four year course) at Oxford or Cambridge an opportunity to travel abroad and extend their knowledge of foreign countries. Final year undergraduates are not eligible.

Eight or more Travel Awards of up to £600 will be awarded for imaginative travel.

皇冠最新网址hg0088For full details please see the .

Application advice for Oxford students can be sought from Professor George Garnett.

Gladstone Memorial Prize for Imaginative Travel